The South Carolina Golf Center Junior Academy is a developmental program designed to help boys and girls of all ability levels realize their full potential and achieve their goals.  The SC Junior Golf Academy program is designed for junior golfers ranging from ages 6-17.  The sole purpose of the program is to teach juniors how to enjoy a game they can play for a lifetime and become the best junior golfer they can be on and off the course. The program is broken up into several different divisions: Day Division, Fowler Division, and the McIlroy Division.


Description and Criteria for Advancement for Each Division

Day Division

The Day Flight is designed to cater to boys and girls who are just beginning or may have only played a few times.  In this division, competitors will play a 9 hole scramble from our SC Junior Academy Yellow Tee markers from around 1700 yards.  This helps to make the game more fun while also teaching them valuable skills they will need as they progress through the program.  The competitors will be split up into two or more teams and will be awarded points according to what position they finish within the Day Division.  These points will go towards our “Points Race” from which a winner will be determined by the individual or individuals who have amassed the most points throughout the series.  

Fowler Division

The Fowler Division is designed for boys and girls who have progressed out of the beginner stage and are ready to start playing their own ball out into the hole. Competitors will also learn some of the basic skills needed to play the game at the highest level, such as etiquette, the rules of golf, and how to improve their all around game.  Competitors will play 9 holes from the SC Junior Academy Green Tee markers, at an abbreviated yardage. 

McIlroy Division

The McIlroy Division is designed to simulate situations and competition the player may experience during higher level tournaments.  Each series players compete in 9-hole tournaments, and are subjected to different formats designed to help their development and prepare them to play their best golf.