Golf School Reviews

Our students are our best representatives. At our golf school reviews and testimonials from current and former students give an idea of the quality of instruction they receive.

The round before I started working with Nathan, I lost 9 golf balls and was shooting in the low to mid 90s. I was spraying the ball left and right because I was using all arms. Right away we started working on staying more compact throughout the swing by swinging with my chest rather than my arms and immediately saw results with hitting shots with more consistency. Living in Columbus, Ohio is tough to work with Nathan who is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but with the technology we have today, I am able to send him videos of my swing every week and he responds to me with what I am doing and what I need to improve upon. Four months since starting with Nathan, I am now in the low 80s consistently and one or two holes a round from being in the 70s, which I have only done twice in the 12 years I have been playing. – Tyler Ranney  (Columbus, OH)

My time with the South Carolina Golf Center is the best experience I’ve ever had with golf lessons.  The golf instructional staff are very clear and easy to understand.  The staff really cares about you, your golf game and helping you improve.  I highly recommend them as they are good for golfers of all skill levels.   – Chuck Hamidy  (Conway, SC)

I began working with Nate McDonough in October of 2014. Prior to then, I had been playing golf for only about six months. I was an inconsistent player shooting in the range of 90-95. Determined to improve, I came to Nate and implemented his vision for my swing and began to practice differently. Rather than just going to the range and hitting golf balls, I began practicing with a specific purpose. I not only improved my scores but also an understanding of my golf swing. I am still improving and have reduced my handicap from 20 down to 8. Golf has become significantly more enjoyable with the training and knowledge I have gained from Nate!   – Trae Livingston  (Florence, SC)

The SC Golf Center has a friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating staff. They go above and beyond to meet the customer’s needs. The facility is brand new and very clean and is at one of Myrtle Beach’s hidden gems.    – Kyle Gibbons  (Pawleys Island, SC)

We took a 9-hole playing lesson with the two teaching pros here for an awesome rate of $125 which included the greens fees. The teacher takes you out on the course one-on-one and coaches you through the thought process of playing 9 holes on the golf on the course - emphasis on how the practice range is simply swinging while playing on the course is shot-making. They make sure to keep the lesson informal and laid back, which is the best way to learn new things.

Overall impression was that we were thoroughly pleased!!! Very knowledgeable and super friendly teachers who do lessons for children or adults of all skill levels. Walked away having learned things I will never forget and use from now on in my game.    -- Patrick Joyce (Hudson, MA)